50 free activities to do in Paris to do at least once!

You have decided to visit Paris, but you are far from being Croesus and did not want to spend too much money during this stay?

We have concocted a special program to keep you busy during your stay in Paris for free, animation guaranteed!

Here is our list of 50 unusual activities (or not …) to do for free in Paris!

1. Rest at Buttes Chaumont
2. Visit the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles for free
3. Visit any museum the first Sunday of the month
4. Enjoy a couscous offered by Espace B (19th)
5. Roll on the Sacré-Cœur slope
6. Panic by Losing the Illegal Catacombs
7. Dance the rave under the device
8. Looking for adrenaline? Flee a taxi without paying
9. Complain! It’s free and Parisians love it!
10. Climb the 314554 stairs of the Butte to Montmartre
11. Take a dip in the Ourcq canal in summer
12. Browse the sewers of Paris
13. Walk along the René-Dumont Greenway
14. Go celebrate the harvest in Montmartre
15. Wander the streets of Paris at night and rave about all the lights
16. Enjoy an outdoor movie at La Villette
17. Playing ground control foosball
18. Squatter the roof-top of a building at random.
19. Re-hydrate by drinking sparkling water with fountains
20. Fly to Japan by going to the Kahn Garden
21. Recover unsold at the end of the markets
22. Eat a picnic at Parc Monceau
23. Being able to eat for free by donating blood to Forum des Halles
24. Chiller in the Tuileries Garden on the sun loungers
25. Give pigeon stale bread
26. Fraud the metro (second degree …)
27. Go to O Petit Paris and grab some French fries
28. Participate in meditation classes in a 12th century park
29. Go and read fresh books at the Sainte-Geneviève Library
30. Go to a concert at the Maison de la Radio
31. Jogging on the banks of the Seine
32. Sing all night during free Supersonic or Zorba concerts
33. Go to Thursday night openings and enjoy free champagne
34. Strolling in the fleas of Saint-Ouen
35. Go sunbathe in Paris Beaches
36. Soaking in the Saint Martin Canal
37. Going to 59 Rivoli
38. Benefit from free sports classes throughout the month of June in Beaugrenelle
39. Watch a match of the Women’s World Cup at Forum des Halles
40. Swap your old stuff at the Boutique Sans Argent (12th)
41. Exceed everyone on the subway, it will give you a hurry and Parisian!
42. Make yourself feel good by reading in a Parisian bistro
43. Play basketball rue Duperré
44. Bronzer rue des Martyrs on a sunny day
45. Go hunting for all electric scooters
46. ​​Piquer a head in the basin of La Villette
47. Enjoy a day in bed and make love all day
48. Cultivate with a 9th Parks Play Box
49. Wildly pick flowers at the Bois de Vincennes
50. Plant seeds at the Bird Garden in the heart of the Marais