The best airlines to travel from the United States to France

To discover France or return home from the United States, there are several airlines available. The air traffic between the two countries is indeed very important.

Nevertheless, to be sure to make the right choice, several companies can be selected with your eyes closed (or almost!). Here are the 5 best companies to fly between Uncle Sam’s country and France.

Air France, the french luxury !

The French national airline remains an optimal choice both for a trip to the United States and to France. It obtained a very honorable score of 7.6 out of 10 from AirHelp, an organization that classifies airlines according to different criteria (services, punctuality…).

Air France received a very respectable 6.7 for punctuality, and an 8.2 for the quality of its services.
The frequency of flights to the main French airports from the United States is important. To take a concrete example, there are around 7 direct flights per day and as many with stopovers.

With Air France, you have the choice of departure airport, but also of arrival. You can leave from the major American cities, but also from smaller cities. Your flight can also take you to the capital or to a large provincial city.

Air France has long been considered an expensive airline, but if you get in early you can find very good prices. On the same itinerary, the traveler will be able to obtain a ticket from US $500, depend from where in the US to France.

We can add that by using the French airline, we have the possibility of obtaining a substantial compensation in case of problems, which is not the case with the American airlines.

Delta, an excellent choice

The American airline obtained an overall score of 7.65 by AirHelp (8 for punctuality and 7.7 for quality of service). The number of flights between the United States and France is substantial. For example, there are more than 10 daily flights from New York to Paris. The average fare is US $ 680 euros.

The American company Delta facilitates all travel throughout the United States, but also offers a wide range of flights to France, to the capital of course, but also to airports in major provincial cities. You can leave Dallas and arrive in Marseille with only one stopover.

The company puts service first and many flights offer Wi-Fi, for example.

American Airlines, another interesting choice

Another American company must be mentioned among the best opportunities for a trip between the USA and France: American Airlines, the largest airline in the world. There are many American hubs with flights from all over the world: Charlotte, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix… As the US airline also provides domestic flights, it is very easy to reach from a small local airport to an international airport to reach France with one airline.

There are several daily flights from US airports to France. One can choose between 10 flights from San Francisco to Bordeaux.
As far as fares are concerned, the company remains in the high average. But it is possible to take advantage of promotions by booking in advance. In terms of comfort, the company puts its passengers first.

Let’s add that the company obtained a score of 8.07 from AirHelp (7.5 for punctuality and 7.9 for service).

British Airways, another interesting choice

British Airways is an important choice among air travel professionals. It scored 7.54 (7.1 for punctuality and 8.2 for service quality) with AirHelp. The company offers flights from major U.S. airports to French airports. The choice is important. You can choose between ten flights operated by the company between Los Angeles and Lyon.

The company is safe and offers a service equivalent to its colleagues. The cost of a flight between the United States and France remains interesting if you take advantage of the offers proposed (there are many).

The users of the company appreciate the quality of service and punctuality. However, if you live in a small American city and want to fly to France, you will have to use a local airline to reach your point of departure. The British airline only flies from major hubs.

Why not KLM?

Partner and owned by Air France, the Dutch company offers departures from the main American airports to France. The main advantage of the company is its interesting prices. For a Chicago to Paris flight, for example, it costs around 600 euros.

However, it should be noted that the company does not offer departures from all American airports and the frequency of these is lower than the offers of the companies already mentioned.

The AirHelp score of the company is 7.74 (7.8 for punctuality and 8.20 for services).

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Low cost airlines ?

If you prefer to use low cost airlines, you can turn to Norwegian, Corsair, Level or French B. But it is important to note that the number of flights is limited and that they only depart from the most important American airports to the most important French airports. Fares are generally lower (although some classic airlines offer very interesting deals from time to time), and the services remain limited. It is therefore better to turn to the major companies to travel in the best conditions.