The 5 oldest restaurants in Paris where to eat meat!

Paris is famous all over the world for its historical monuments and its French art of living. During their trip, many tourists seek to discover the gastronomy of the capital. For those who love good food and iconic settings, we present here the oldest restaurants in Paris where you can enjoy good meat.

1. Au bœuf couronné

Le bœuf couronné is a restaurant located in the old slaughterhouse district, in La Villette, at 188, avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 PARIS.

If you wish to discover an authentic place and appreciate a good piece of beef, push the doors of this establishment. As you enter, you will be seduced by this 1930s decor that was completely renovated in 2016. The brasserie atmosphere is omnipresent with velvet seats and sofas, chandeliers and retro tiling.

The menu is inspired by the chevillards of old. You’ll find a wide selection of meats, including 12 cuts of beef, as well as house specialties like beef kidneys and calf’s head. Just a stone’s throw from the Philharmonie concert hall, the restaurant attracts carnivores as well as visiting artists and spectators.

2. Le Procope

Le Procope is a famous restaurant in Paris whose address is known by most. For those who do not know it yet, the establishment is located at 13, Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie 75006 PARIS. Founded in 1686, this mythical restaurant welcomes you in a place full of history. By observing the blue facade with its flowered wrought iron balconies, you know from the first moment that you are entering an exceptional place.

The interior decoration is marked by an 18th century style. As in a museum, you can be surprised by many details such as the bust of Voltaire and the bicorn of Napoleon, or the quotations and portraits of famous men that decorate the walls. The menu reflects the decor. It is composed of traditional and simmered meat dishes such as beef bourguignon and veal blanquette. Those who prefer bleeding meat will appreciate the onglet de boeuf or the tartare.

3. Le relais de l’entrecôte

This restaurant is an institution in Paris. It is the landmark of all those who wish to eat a steak-frites worthy of the name. Here there are no frills, you have a unique menu which consists of a salad with nuts, a beef ribeye and home-made fries. The choice is left to you for the cooking, the wine and the desserts. Their success is based on the tenderness of the meat and especially the tasty sauce that accompanies it.

Don’t try to ask for the recipe, the ingredients are kept secret. This brand has existed since 1959. It has opened three branches in different districts of Paris. If you want to eat in the original establishment, you will have to go to the Relais de Venise which belongs to the same family. It is located at 271, Boulevard Pereire 75017 PARIS. Here, the bistro decor has not changed for over 60 years.

4. Anahi

Anahi is a former butcher shop that opened in the 1920s. The earthenware on the ceiling is the only vestige left from that time. Well, almost… Since meat is the main ingredient of the establishment.

In 1980, the place became an Argentinean restaurant. It became one of the top restaurants in the world thanks to the arrival of Carmen Lebrero. Recently, the chefs Riccardo Giraudi and Mauro Colagreco signed its menu in 2020. Here, the Asado, that is to say the meat cooked over the coals, is honored. A delight! To savor these gourmet dishes, go to 49, Rue Volta 75003 Paris.


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5. Au pied de cochon

This famous Parisian brasserie was born in 1946 and has not changed address since. It is located at 6 Rue Coquillère 75001 PARIS. It first seduced the active men of the district, then the celebrities.

The setting is very pleasant with a “Belle époque” decoration. It is marked by details reminiscent of the pig and a beautiful terrace to enjoy the sun. On the menu, even if the star remains the pig, you have a wide choice. Shellfish, fish, snails… There is something for every taste bud. One of the specialities of the house not to be missed is the pig’s trotter (grilled or stuffed).